Friday, June 17, 2011

Blatantly Transparent Plug for Transmat World

It's a great, fun book even if I do say so myself. Sound like a Cajun, don't I? "I'm going to go eat myself something." You never hear 'em say "I'm going to go piss myself somewhere." Just funnin'. Disclaimer: love crawfish etouffee, Cajuns and Zydeco.

This book borders on space opera but is too Earth-centric to quite fit into that category though spanning 900,000 years and two galaxies. About 130 years in the future, Earth is recovering from a massive asteroid strike off the coast of Java in 2045. The prologue is one of the most thoroughly researched and realistic accounts of what happens during such an event. It is exciting! A hundred years later the Board of Agreement is a world-wide organization created to avert the demise of mankind no matter what. It decides the best plan is to spread mankind to the stars so that someone is left when the Sun goes nova or a 100 percent fatal virus mutates into existence. Problem is, the technology is not there.

Along comes Transmat. You would think a teleportation device would be just what the world ordered. Instead, the economy of the entire planet tanks and Vince Miller, CEO of Transmat, Inc., is blamed. Vince considers the problem solved when he turns Transmat into the first FTL drive. Instead, he must face down a trans-galactic rogue robot and a walking, talking fish from a parallel universe - both bent on the elimination of human civilization - before he can even consider getting the Dow above 2,000.

IF the book sounds interesting, email me or follow me on Twitter. It will be announced soon now. Very soon. Before October. Wait! This just in! It's here now! Transmat World on

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  1. So where might this book be available, eh?