Sunday, September 25, 2011

Transmat World is Here

I know I promised "how to fit out a Space Egg". That is still in the works and will be well worth the wait. But right now I have to announce something. Transmat World is now available on

Nine hundred thousand years ago in a galaxy right next door--the Greater Magellanic Cloud-- an artificial intelligence is created to be a hunter’s prey. An accident produces an maniacal machine that destroys the civilization that created it and proclaims itself the Prime Mechanical and Supreme Arbiter of Known and Unknown Existence. With a space ship the size of the orbit of Mercury and an army of strikemechs, it prowls the Milky Way for sentient organics.

In the year 2045, the asteroid Isadora strikes off the west coast of Java, killing billions. Post-Hit Earth comes to realize the capricious nature of the cosmic weather forecast and begins to plan accordingly. Just when things are looking up, along comes Transmat (the first teleportation device) and the world's economy collapses. The inventor is assassinated, leaving his son, Vince, to deal with a planet that hates him and a fast-approaching Supreme Arbiter.

Transmat World is not just a trans-temporal, trans-galactic scifi adventure with teleportation booths, stasis fields, and AI machines. It incorporates ideas for future technologies that are more down-to-earth. Things we can use in the near future. Things I've blogged about here, like the asteroid herder and the space mirror.

Click on Transmat World to take a peak at the future.

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  1. I just finished your book, and it was awesome. What a collection of great ideas and characters! For some reason I can easily imagine it done as an animated series, like Star Wars Clone Wars. I hope you made some money on the book so it is worth your time to write some more. Is there a mailing list to be informed of your new books as they come out?